Family. Business. Studies. Work. – 1

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There were no words to describe, how happy he was. He had got accepted to such a prestigious college, he who hadn’t ever lived outside his home without his family was going to travel to the other side of the world and study and live.

His parents agreed to it, though they were a bit hesitant about it. It was time he left.

His father went to the college to drop him and stayed with him for a day to make sure he had everything he needed. The next day his dad left, and he promised to himself that he will work very hard since his parents were spending so much money to send him to college.

People nowadays, earn by themselves and then spend themselves. Parents hardly spend on their children anymore. Man, I am so lucky.

He went to the first class. It was awkward. It was so different than studying in his own country. He had to choose his classes by himself and make his own schedule, unlike in the colleges at his home country. It was more free, and more co-operative. Or so it seemed. But it was also a fact that many people end up trying to take different courses, and ultimately messing up their own schedule. He didn’t want to do that.

No, just follow the schedule that is advised by the department. Yes.

Initially he liked his major, and so the first semester went by. He returned home during the winter vacations, that were just for 20 days. He didn’t feel any change while coming back home, in fact he thought he was missing college more. Or maybe he was missing that life with more freedom. But in the end, it was all normal.

His father told him that he shouldn’t look for a job, in fact he doesn’t need a job after college. He should just join the family business.

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