And it is but a forced smile.

#smile #forced #story #short #life #people #world #support #help #crowd

He made a mistake, and was looking for help.

Here and there, he looked, as the crowd passed by –

Unmoved by life, nor moved by his problem.

He eventually stops looking and gazes down,

Thinking about his problem, What will be the appropriate solution?

Will I be able to even think of the ‘best’ solution?

He looks at the crowd again, but this time for a shorter duration,

Knowing there won’t be anyone, he looks down again.

There is no choice –

His problem is his own, with no one else to worry over.

Picking up his baggage, he strives forward,

Slowly by slowly, step by step he catches up.

Slowly by slowly he solves.

Closing in to the final moment, he fears,

Fears that he might make another mistake,

He slows down and works more carefully,

But he still solves, and forces a smile.

— Siddarth Jain


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