A glimpse into early universe

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A galaxy almost 13.1 billion years in the past has been discovered by astronomers, an era just 700million  years after the Big Bang. These early galaxies were close to the beginning of the universe, hence they fall within the “Epoch of Reionisation“, a period about a billion years after the Big Bang when the universe became transparent.

It is believed that the universe was a cloud of cold atomic hydrogen after the Big Bang. The first stars and galaxies condensed out of the cloud and started emitting light and ionising radiation. The radiation melted away the atomic hydrogen like a hot sun clearing fog, and the first galaxies spread their light through the universe.

The new galaxy is named MACS1423-z7p64, is at a redshift of 7.6, which means that it is about 13.1 billion years in the past.

Read the full article here

What is with the name of the galaxy? Its amazing, how new discoveries are making us learn more and more about the universe.

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