CEO Oscar Munoz refuses to resign, apologizes again for United Airlines

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United Continental chief executive Oscar Munoz said on Wednesday he would not resign, and he again apologized for forcibly removing a customer from an overbooked flight.

The CEO reiterated that he was regretful of the incident in which passenger David Dao, 69, was forcibly ‘dragged’ from an overbooked United airplane, his face bloodied. The incident further developed into a global public relations disaster. In a previous response, CEO Munoz had earlier blamed the incident on the 69-year old passenger for having defied authorities.

CEO Munoz also pledged a ‘thorough review’ of the airline’s procedure and said the carrier would not send law enforcement officials onto planes to remove passengers.

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You need to see the video. It was really bad. Procedure or not, officials shouldn’t drag or hurt passengers.

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