‘Tatooine’ planets may be habitable

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Luke Skywalker’s home planet Tatooine in ‘Star Wars’ looks like a sandy desert world. The planet also has two suns in the sky. However, In real life, we know that two-star systems can indeed support planets, although planets discovered so far around double-star systems are large and gaseous.

The scientists also found that an Earth-size planet orbiting two suns could be habitable i.e. if the planet is located at the right distance from the two stars. Such a planet is capable of retaining its water for a long time.

In two star systems, the habitable zone depends on the distance from the centre of mass that both stars are orbiting. Habitable zone is the range of distances from a star where a terrestrial planet is most likely to have liquid water.

However, a planet is a two star system might have varying surface temperature by as much as 2 degree Celsius within the course of an year, just as found in deserts when there is huge temperature differences from day to night.

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Two star systems, Now that would be an amazing place to understand and live in.

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