Solar powered device to harvest water

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The solar-powered harvester, constructed in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) can harvest liters of water from air everyday, even in desert conditions. All it needs is a minimum humidity of 20% in the air. Electric dehumidifier at homes produce very expensive water.

Currently, the prototype can pull 2.8 liters of water from the air over a 12-hour period, with humidity conditions to be around 20% – 30%.

The system consists of dust-sized MOF crystals compressed between a solar absorber and a condenser plate, placed inside a chamber open to the air. An ambient air diffuses through the porous MOF water molecules preferentially attach to the interior surfaces. Sunlight entering through a window heats up the MOF and drives the bound water toward the condenser. The vapor condenses as liquid water and drops into a collector. (*MOF = Metal organic framework, a special material produced at UC Berkeley)

Read the full article here

This is pretty interesting. Just imagine how many villages in developing countries can be helped using this!


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