A Life where I can.. (2)

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So, you need to read the first part before reading this: A Life where I can…

And as I was wishing for all the above,

I thought I should add a little more of love.

A life where you can live however you like,

Get a leave from the job and rest a bit,

A beer in the morning or drive in the night,

Play a game, watch a series or program on git.

A life where you can love your work,

Regardless of the deadline and late night shift,

Because having a passion is one thing here,

But following that passion is more than a gift.

A life where you can adopt an animal,

Give it a home and care for it,

It might give you the purest of warmth,

As it understands you bit by bit.

A life where you can have someone you like,

Regardless of them being a girl, a guy or a trans,

There is so much each of us deal in life,

But just a kiss from them, makes your world dance.

A life where you can look in their eyes,

And feel the extent of their love drive,

Even though this might not be eternal, you smile,

And say, ‘Yes, This is the perfect way to live.’

– Siddarth Jain

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