An asteroid to pass ‘close’ to Earth

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An asteroid, named 2014-JO25, will pass through Earth at a distance of 1.8 million kilometers, (five times the distance from the moon). The asteroid stretches 650 meters across and is believed to pass Earth today.

The asteroid will pass closest to Earth after having looped around the Sun, and will continue on past Jupiter before heading back toward the center of our Solar System.

The last time an asteroid of this size or bigger passed was in 2004, named Toutatis, which was five kilometers across, and passed within four lunar distances.

2014-JO25 is beileved to have passe Earth previously around 400 years ago, and will pass Earth again in 2600.

Read the full article here

You can watch the asteroid through a telescope, because the next time if someone lays eyes on it, they will probably be your grand-grand-grand-grand children.

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