Malcolm Turnbull says visa changes ‘carefully considered’

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Mr Shorten commented on Malcolm Turnbull that This is a guy who’s going to be tough on antique dealers and deer farmers but he’s still going to allow mechanics and nurses to come in from overseas. The comments come after more than 200 occupations such as actors, singers, deer and goat farmers, shoemakers, etc. were taken off a list of jobs that foreign workers were allowed to do in Australia.

Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, also announced that the Australian government is considering new visa classification of ‘provisional migrant’.

Following in the footsteps, New Zealand also announced a ‘Kiwis first’ immigration policy, bringing it in line with Australia and the US.

Read the full article here

Well, all the countries are in for themselves, which is not a bad thing if they wish to grow and take better care of their own citizens first. However, if this continues, the coming world will be a cruel and selfish one.

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