Because we are only human

#human #cry #laugh #emotions #mistakes #success #life

We laugh, we cry, we smile, we frown,

We love, we leave, we kiss, we cease,

We care, we hug, we betray, we fight,

Because we are only human.

People ask you not to cry, because it doesn’t help. Still at times we can’t control it anymore and the tears come rolling down. We are strong, yet we are weak at times. We are happy, yet we are sad at times. We often smile, as well as frown. We often care, yet despise at times. We feel, because we are emotional, we succeed, because we are emotional. We seek for revenge, because we are emotional, we seek for love, because we are emotional.

But mostly, because we are only human. All the things we do right now, all the things we did in the past, all the things we might do in the future, those things might not be perfect, because that’s what makes us human. And the best part is, as humans, we have a firm resolve, and we keep trying, keep stepping forward, because as humans we are lured by our ideals. Your ideals with all the mistakes and success, makes you unique.

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