Ibrahimovic injured, United reaches semis

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Manchester United reached the Semi-finals of Europa League for the first time, after beating Anderlecht by 2-1. However, the match comes more as a negative to United manager Jose Mourinho, as Ibrahimovic was seriously injured during the match.

Ibrahamovic’s injury occured late in stoppage time, his right knee bending the wrong way as he landed following an aerial challenge in the Anderlecht box, leaving him grimacing on the deck. He has currently scored 28 goals this season, and he might be able to play again this season.

Manchester United won due to the extra-time strike by Marcus Rashford. United is looking forward for winning the Europa League title, since it is the only major title it hasn’t won as of yet.

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Get well soon Ibrahamovic. United needs you a lot. And just when it reached Semis, this had to happen.

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