Happy Earth day!

#HappyEarthDay #earth #life #ClimateChange #world #paper #water

Happy Earth day people! Let’s take a step towards a sustainable future this day.

Do any of the following:

  • Plant a tree
  • Walk/Ride a bicycle for short distances rather than taking that short trip in a car
  • Use recycled paper, and try to print less
  • Watch/Read news online instead of on paper
  • Read an eBook instead of Paper/Hardcopy
  • Use less tissue paper
  • Don’t throw food, try to finish it or take just enough for yourself to eat
  • If possible, try converting to Solar electricity
  • Don’t throw waste outside, but in the bin
  • Use protection while having sex
  • Educate someone about Climate change and how little efforts can contribute significantly
  • Netflix and chill instead of driving to that bar/pub
  • And most of all, Ask others to do at least one of the above!

Protect others and yourself by protecting the planet 😀

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