Taliban attack Afghan military base killing more than 50

#terrorism #Taliban #Afghanistan #victims #military #suicidebomber

An Afghan military base, of the 209th Corps of the Afghan army near the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, was attacked by Taliban gunmen wearing Afghan military uniforms on Friday. The attack lasted several hours and targeted soldiers as they attended mosque and ate a meal.

Out of the ten attackers, two attackers blew themselves up, seven were killed and one was detained. The attack began at around 2 pm.

The US has around 8,400 troops in the country with about another 5,000 from NATO allies assisting a much larger Afghan force in the war against the Taliban and other Islamist militants. Efforts for negotiating a peace between Afghanistan and Taliban has never come through.

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This is so cowardly, wearing their army uniform and infiltrating the base. And the blowing themselves up. This is the religion they are fighting for? Such a shame. These coward/moron terrorists say that they are fighting for religion, and then kill people while they are praying/attending mosques..!

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