Le Pen to face Macron for French presidency after polls

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Emmanuel Macron will go into the second round of the French presidential election against Marine Le Pen. In the first round of the polls, Macron took first place with nearly 24% votes, and Le Pen managed to secure 22% votes, a shocking disappointment as Le Pen and her party workers had been looking at a figure of 27%-30%.

All the polls that have run a Le Pen/Macron scenario for the second round have suggested to 60/40 split in favor of Macron. Le Pen will hope for better, of course, but while she has to believe she can win on May 7, it’s a very long shot.

It’s obvious that the final result will have an impact on Le Pen and the Front National party, however she is not in danger of being replaced if she loses since there is no alternative leader in the party, for the time being.

Read the full article here

If you go through both the candidate profiles, you will understand that both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, Le Pen seems to be more — out of mind.

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