H-1B lottery: This is the right thing to do.

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This is a really nice article I found on Moneycontrol.com. The writer, Harsimran Julka, describes his visit to the US in wake of the H-1B visa fuss several countries esp. India are dealing with. He has a conversation with a taxi driver in SF where she tells that she is a coder but has to work as a driver since A lot of coders from India have taken up jobs here, and are willing to work cheap.

He notices that almost every third face is an Indian in the area. Then again, every person in the United States, if traced down to second or third generation, is an immigrant including the President and First Lady. But one of the professors from Stanford university remarks that Most tech startups want to hire Indians – firstly, they are hard-working and secondly they possess the requisite tech skills. Indians are the enw whites in the tech industry now.

According to Trump’s new H-1B guidelines, it has named TCS, Infosys and Cognizant as the companies that were misusing the H-1B lottery system. Which in fact is true. IT giants such as these applied for a lot of visas than they actually need, while tech startups used to apply for only one or two visas as required. Because of the lottery system, the chances of IT giants getting most of the visas increased and a tech startup getting a visa came down to 0. Basically, you apply more and you stand more chance of getting the visa.

Hence, this new concept of focusing on merit as well as wages will be benefitting for startups all over the world who want to apply for a work visa.

Read the full article here

I don’t understand. Why do you not look forward to working for your country and developing it further, and instead support a company from another country halfheartedly?

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