You, who smiles; You, who lights

#poem #SiddarthJain #you #smiles #lights #love #despair #darkness #relation #life

In this sea full of darkness,
I find you as a ray of light;
That shines so bright in the storm,
That even the wind ceases to be might.

I close my eyes to think of you,
And the water slides past my eyes;
Is it the fear from darkness,
Or it is your warmth that makes me cry.

I believe that I will see you again,
And pass my life one day at a time;
You don’t seem to appear outside my door,
No knock, no sound comes inside.

The day has come when you seem far,
Farther than I thought you could ever be;
I can’t remember your face so bright,
That helped me out from the middle of the sea.

And suddenly there was the sound,
And suddenly the time stood still;
As I peeked through the keyhole,
I found your face so bright that it sting.

I see you now, I remember you now,
I remember the feelings from the past;
You that helped me through the storm,
That storm, I thought, had overcome me again.

But you smile and light up the place,
And I can’t take off my eyes;
For I wish to savor this moment,
And save this till the end of time.

– Siddarth

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