Sanctuary Cities Trump Order: Blocked

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An executive order by President Trump that denied billions of dollars to ‘sanctuary cities’ as punishment for harboring illegal immigrants has been blocked by Judge William Orrick of San Francisco’s federal court. The phrase ‘sanctuary cities/jurisdictions’ remains vague in the law.

The executive order, if implemented, could affect more than 300 cities and counties. For example, the order threatens the transfer of $1.7 billion to Santa Clara County and $1.2 billion to San Francisco. The local communities are thinking that their local governments are being forced to work against them, rather than for them.

The judge said the key issue remained Trump’s repeated statements that funding is a ‘weapon’ to use against cities that resist his policies. That demonstrates the government’s intent, he said, and is unconstitutional.

Read the full article here

This is yet another blow to the White House and President Trump’s policies. And what is he going to announce for the first 100 days of his Presidency that he so fiercely quoted during his campaign.

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