Uber to fly cars

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Uber is entering the idea of flying vehicles that would be of VTOL variety – Vertical take off and landing. This will help Uber in transferring people in sky. The testing for the project will begin within the next three years, and will take place in Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai. The car will help transfer many people at once to their destinations.

While cars on the road won’t be going anywhere any time soon, cities have a growing problem with congested roads and long commute times, something that causes, among other things, environmental harm as masses of cars idle on the road.

Uber has also indicated that the VTOL vehicles might be able to travel at 100mph or more, operate quite due to electric motors, and travel more than 200 passenger on a single gallon of fuel.

Read the full article here

Amaing. Uber finally diving right into this plan.

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