North Korea fails test, again

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A North Korean mid-range ballistic missile apparently failed shortly after launch Saturday, South Korea and the United States said, the third test-fire flop just this month but a clear message of defiance as a US supercarrier conducts drills in nearby waters.

North Korean missile tests are banned by the UN fearing that the country might become adept in manufacturing and launching nuclear missiles which can strike the US mainland.  President Trump tweeted that North Korea disrespected the wishes of China and launched a missile today. Bad.

According to the South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff, the missile flew for around two minutes, reaching a height of 71 km and then it failed. The missile was likely a medium ranged KN-17 ballistic missile, which broke up and the pieces fell into the Sea of Japan. The missile might have traveled about 50 km before it’s failure.

Read the full article here

Oh North. It’s admirable how North Korea keeps trying even though most of the launches fail. Failures are the stepping stone towards success.

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