This is troubling. Plastic never dies.

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One of the world’s most remote places, Henderson Island, has a population of 0, but it’s beaches has a high density of plastic pollution, more than anywhere in the world.

Henderson Island, located roughly halfway between Chile and New Zealand, is around 3107 miles from the nearest population center, yet it is polluted by 37.7 million pieces of plastic. The density of plastics is believed to be 671 items per square meter! And more than 3,570 pieces of trash gets deposited on the beach daily, which only includes pieces bigger than 10 millimeters.

Since the island is located close to the center of the South Pacific Gyre ocean current, it is a key location for debris to get accumulated. All this debris is mainly released in the oceans by South American countries or fishing boats.

We need to note that plastic debris is a hazard for many species who are entangled in it, or ingest it. Yet more than 300 million tonnes of plastic manufactured annually goes un-recycled, leaving a long-term impact on oceans.

Read the full article here

We need to use less plastic products, and if we do use, we need to have recycling plants.

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