Failed computer replaced on ISS

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Station Commander Peggy Whitson assembled a new computer from spare parts abroad the station and installed it during a 2.5-hour spacewalk as the orbiting outpost sailed 400 kms over Earth.

The computer, that weights 23 kgs and is the size of a microwave oven, control equipment’s such as solar power panels, cooling loops, radiators and robotics gear.

One of the computers (out of two) was lost on Saturday, however the causes are still unknown and will be analyzed by someone.

With this spacewalk, Peggy Whitson has become the third most experienced space-walkers in the world, just behind Russian cosmonaut Anatoly Solovyev and NASA’s Mike Lopez-Alegria.

Read the full article here

This is amazing. Assembling a computer on board the ISS and replacing it in a spacewalk. And congratulations Mrs. Whitson for becoming the most experience woman space-walker, and third most experienced space-walker.

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