Indian Army kills LeT terrorist

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A Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist, Abu Ali Sheraj alias Ibini Abul Majid, was killed in a retaliatory action by the Indian Army. Sheraj is believed to be a member of one of the Pakistan’s Border Action Team (BAT) unit, which had crossed Line of Control (LoC) and sneaked into Indian territory for around 250 meters, which resulted in them killing two Indian security personnel.

Sheraj’s body could not be recovered due to heavy shelling in the area.

BAT is specifically made for trans-LoC action, i.e. their primary task is to dominate the LoC by carrying out disruptive actions in the form of raids. It has killed a number of Indian soldiers along the border in the past.

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They killed two of your soldiers. Rather beheaded them. And you ‘assume’ you killed on and the body can’t be recovered. How many times is the Indian government going to sit back and just watch as soldiers continue to die along the border. Something needs to be done about these border militants. And soon.


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