DJI’s “new” $859 drone

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DJI’s new drone, that weighs as much as a soft drink can, can be controlled by the wave of a hand. PalmControl, as DJI has termed it, lets you gesture control the drone’s take off, selfie capture and return. However, it is still unclear if you need to connect the drone to a smartphone to fly with PalmControl.

The drone ‘Spark’ comes with a 12-MP camera, and is also able to capture videos in 1080p resolution. It costs $500, however, along with a controller, prop guards, two batteries and a bag, the cost comes to be $700. It is available in red, blue, yellow, neon green and white colors. The drone will also work with DJI Goggles (first-person view headset), which costs an additional $450.

Yuneec, a competitor has already released a drone called Breeze, with a similar camera and 4K video resolution. It costs around $400.

Also, people have been able to buy a gesture controlled camera, “The Hover Camera”, since last year.

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Well, frankly I won’t buy this. Rather spend less money on the same product, even though it’s from another brand. But it’s nice that they were able to update their drones.

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