The strange star in Constellation Cygnus

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A yellow-white dwarf star called KIC 8462852 flickers often, and its brightness can dip as much as 22 percent. The star is located 1,300 light years away in the Constellation Cygnus. Some believe that it might be surrounded by a swarm of solar panels constructed by ancient alien civilization, the dimming caused from a Dyson Sphere.

However, the possibility of the alien theory is highly unlikely. Considering the star is 1,300 light years away, i.e. to say that the image of the star we are receiving on our telescope is 1,300 years old (around in the Eight century).

Scientists saw the flicker happening in real time last week through the Kepler space telescope. They included a number of telescopes that operate at a variety of ranges across the light spectrum. This will allow them to take specta, that is, analyze the wavelengths of light emitted by the star to figure out what it’s made of and what is blocking its light.

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Although it is unlikely, there might be a 1% chance that it’s due to alien civilization. If we are seeing this image 1,300 years later. What would they be seeing on Earth right now, considering the 1,300 years difference works both ways — 8th century AD Earth.


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