41 million followers and counting…

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the most followed leader on Facebook. Narendra Modi has more followers than the US President Donald Trump and even his own official PMO page. The data also shows that Digital India, Make In India and Swachh Bharat are the most engaged campaigns that have been run by the government.

Modi had around 14 millions followers when he was elected in May 2014, and now the number has grown more than double to 41.9 million. This means that his approval ratings has continued to rise throughout his leadership, whether in 2015 or during the demonetization period.

On an average, Modi posts about 2.7 posts everyday and has an interaction rate of 0.67%. The total amount of interactions on his posts, including likes, shares and comments, amounts to a high 603.90 million till date!

Read the full article here

That’s the Prime Minister of India for you. He knows how to do the right thing which makes him gain more popularity. 😊

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