An upgrade to GMRT by 2018

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The Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT) will soon be upgraded, as the observatory has already entered the last phase of its up-gradation. The upgrade will make this the world’s largest astronomy telescope operating at low radio frequencies, until Square Kilometer Array (SKA) comes into existence by 2023.

Currently 75-80 percent of the upgrades have been completed.

GMRT, an array of 30 antennas spread across a 30-km diamter region, is used by astronomers from all over the world.

Currently, GMRT allows astronomer to use 150 MHz, 234 MHz, 325 MHz, 610 MHz and 1000 MHz to 1400 MHz, with a maximum bandwidth of 32 MHz. However, after the upgrade is complete, the astronomers will be able to use any frequency between 120 MHz to 1460 MHz, and it will have a maximum bandwidth of 400 MHz.

This improved facility will help to get 100 times more accurate and stable readings.

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This is amazing. One of the best telescopes such as GMRT, located in India, a rare discovery.

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