Robbery in Manila Casino, people suffocated to death

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A gunman burst into Manila Casino at a resort owned by Travelers International Hotel Group inc in Philippines. However, he didn’t fire any shots at the people, and went straight to the casino chips storage room. He shot down the large TV screens and set a table on fire by pouring gasoline.

The man was able to escape to a hotel room where he had burned himself by lying down on the bed, covering himself in thick blanket and dousing himself in gasoline. The $2.27 million worth of stolen casino chips were also recovered.

Most of the deaths were caused due to incompetence of the security guards and staff, who also seemed to have panicked in the scene, and had tried to escape along with the people without following emergency procedures. At least 54 people were hurt and 36 died due to the panic and smoke inhalation.

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Please pray for the deceased and for speedy recovery of the injured.

This is strange. None of the victims were wounded with gunshots, rather they had fractures or smoke inhalation injuries according to the San Juan de Dios hospital.

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