High-Thrust cryogenic engine launched by ISRO

#ISRO #India #cryogenicEngine #space #GSLV

India launched it’s high thrust cryogenic engine CE-20 to launch GSLV Mk III today. ISRO would have used the CE-20 powered GSLV Mk III in 2003 if not for the US sanction and a foisted case. Even after that, ISRO has made remarkable improvements to the CE-20 engine.

A cryogenic engine involves a tricky job of using liquid hydrogen at -253 degree Celsius and Oxygen at -183 degree Celsius as fuel and oxidizer. Currently, only five regions are capable of such a feat, namely US, Russia, China, Japan and the European Space Agency.

Read the full article here

You need to read the whole article. This has a lot of history, dismissals and dejection. But finally, ISRO was successful in launching it’s own engine.

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