Parliamentary majority for Macron’s political party

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After the Sunday’s first round of voting for the National Assembly in France, President Emmanuel Macron’s party might win the parliamentary majority, by a big difference. Forecasts on partial results showed that the party might win 390 to 445 seats in the 577 member National Assembly.

The right-wing republicans were predicted to win 80-132 seats while Marine Le Pen’s National Front is predicted to win only 1 to 10 seats. The worst loss was for the Socialists, who were shown to drop a record 200 seats since the last elections.

As the last step, the Socialist party chief Jean-Christophe Cambadelis asked the voters to support Emmanuel Macron’s rivals so that the President doesn’t monopolize the power.

Emmanuel Macron, the youngest president in France’s history, has won a lot of praise for appointing a balanced cabinet, and also leading Europe in fighting against US President Trump on climate change.

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Wow. Way to go to make a change. I do wish France is in the right hands, which does seem that way till now.

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