Self-Mind conversations

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Sometimes, this happens in my head at work:

I need something exciting.

What do you need?

I don’t know. Work life feels too monotonous.

Oh, really? What do you want then?

Something interesting. Something exciting. Don’t you understand?

I do understand. I just understand that you need an excuse to party.

No. Cmmon. No.  I just need something interesting or someone interesting.

So, you don’t consider yourself interesting?

Well, I do. I mean, I still need someone as exciting as me to live with.

LOL, sure

Don’t laugh. Don’t you feel this is monotonous and boring.

It is, Yes. But this monotonous life and hard work you are putting in now is what will make your life exciting in the future.


And in fact, it can make it so interesting that you will never be tired of it.

Is that right? How do I trust that? How do I trust what you are saying is true?

Well, you can save it in your memory. Or write it down somewhere that I said it.

Sure. As if even if you are wrong, I can’t really do anything.

Well. You can’t. That is true.


I mean. It’s not like just pondering over the boring life is going to change anything for you. So why not just try heeding to my advice.

That is also correct. I can listen to you. But if I don’t feel a change within….. let’s say an…year, then I will do whatever I wish.

You don’t wish to do the things you are doing right now?

I do. But it’s not interesting/exciting as I mentioned. So I might want to do something else. But for now, as you asked, I will continue on this path.

Fine. Sounds good to me. If you don’t feel a change, then you can change everyhting and do what you want, however you want. I don’t know though, if you do that, where will it end you up.

Don’t worry about that. Let’s put in our best efforts now then.

Sure. I will help yuou out whenever/however possible. So be aware, that I am still here and watching over you.

Sure. Creep.


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