Oldest planet in our solar system?

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So the largest planet in our Solar System is also the oldest planet in our Solar System. Jupiter. The planet was formed only within four million years after the formation of the Sun.

Considering no physical samples of Jupiter is available like of Earth, Mars, moon, asteroids, etc., isotope signatures of meteorites (derived from asteroids) were used to determine Jupiter’s age.

By looking at tungsten and molybdenum isotopes on iron meteorites, scientists found that meteorites are made up from two genetically distinct nebular reservoirs that coexisted but remained separated between one million and 3-4 million years after the solar system formed.

Thus the best explanation is that Jupiter was formed, which opened a gap in the disc and preventing the exchange of materiel between the two reservoirs.

Read the full article here

Now we know the oldest planet in the Solar System. I wonder how old the other planets such as Saturn and Neptune are. It’s wonderful that we are knowing more and more about space as we explore.

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