Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid?

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Cristiano Ronaldo (31) is reportedly thinking about quitting Real Madrid after being angry at his treatment by Spanish tax authorities. Spanish prosecutors have filed a lawsuit against Ronaldo over tax that they believe he should have paid, accusing the player of defrauding 15 million Euros from the taxpayer.

The team, Real Madrid, on the other hand are convinced that Ronaldo is innocent. However, it is also being claimed that Ronaldo will be available for a !80 million Euro bid this summer.

In case, Ronaldo quits Real Madrid, there are quite a few teams that would want him on their side, such as Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), who have been trying to sign a deal with the footballer since the 2015/16 season. Manchester United too might be willing to bring back Ronaldo and look for winning the title.

Read the full article here

Well, he score is in demand, then again a player of his caliber is worthy of the attention he receives. All hail Ronaldo!

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