Course of Life

#poem #life #courseoflife #smile #cry #seek #partner

The course of life, it is strange.

Some hide the tears, and delve in pain.

Others smile, covering even more in light,

And some are just to observe the sight.


What then, is that, that you seek in life,

What has agonized your mind so much;

What haunts you in the dreams of the night,

What continues to give your heart a thunder.


Whatever that reason is, that you think of,

It is sure to be with someone else;

Because that’s how you connect to someone in life,

That’s how you find a partner in the path ahead.


So don’t be scared of this lonely path,

Or a dark one, if you would call it that;

For, who knows what and who might come,

To bring out the good within you, kicking the evil else.


Trust more in yourself, see the life you have,

Count your blessings to see the things;

People that have been holding you till now,

Those that have never faded to treat you as kings.


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