The pattern of thought

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~ Bear with me, this one is a bit long ~

You think the moment comes near,

You think the feeling is dear;

You think you can’t help it,

You think everything will vanish.


That’s what you think when you dream,

The feeling, the obsession pinches you much;

This pattern that emerges sucks you down,

And the person to pull you up is nowhere around.


So then what do you do in this state,

You close your eyes and see depression;

Suicidal thoughts enter that brain of yours,

And kills the creativity you once had brought.

Then comes this person to guide you now,

This family or acquaintance is always around;

This person asks you to get up on the feet,

And if you can’t, they pick you up in a beat.


They piggyback you for a while,

And you wonder whether to live or suicide;

Then you see the smile on that person’s face,

And realize, you have something to live for even in in this state.

So you feel determined and reach down for the floor,

You plant your feet and grab the person, not to roll;

You look ahead and feel more determined,

This time you leave their grip and stay bind.


However depression hits you back and you feel weak,

You feel sick and get down on your knees;

You look around and can’t see that person around,

Whats left is just tears and the heart’s sound.


You feel uneasy and want to stand,

You reach for the rails and want to get out of the sand;

But it is ever more difficult to move forward,

Your feet slips down even with so much effort.


You reach your pocket to find a motivation,

And find the moment you shared with that person;

You were still on the piggyback ride,

While that person smiled and showed you beautiful sights.


You feel determined, however this time its different,

You know there is no person and no more piggyback rides;

You push the ground first with your hand, and stand,

Then push it with your feet to claim your land.


You move ahead and look for new sights,

As beautiful as the sights that person showed you;

You start walking and then running in no time,

What’s left is to enjoy life and let yourself shine.


But along the way you find another person,

He looks the same as you were long ago;

You realize what the person who supported you did,

And hereby, you set forth to educate this new pupil.


And when you see him run, you smile,

However you are afraid he might fall;

Just like you did in your life,

But there is something that still glows.

You stood up when you were left alone,

Although it took you some time to realize;

So you feel calm, and have faith,

And long for the day he stands by himself.

– Siddarth

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