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It's strange that we get a sense of fulfillment whether we buy something as expensive as a car or whether it is just a new book.
I suppose human beings always have a need to fill an empty place in their heart, a desire to own something new after a certain period of time (I am sure that that 'certain period of time' varies with different people 😜, but nevertheless it's true).
But what does that new thing/new accomplishment give you? A new identity, however little the difference maybe from the earlier one, it is still a difference. You now have something to hold on to. You are living in the present.
But does owning something makes you selfish or materialistic (well, considering your desires are affordable, not harmful to others and don't go rampant)? I don't think so. Just imagine, if there wasn't a desire to be selfish, there would have been no evolution, no desire to change or even work.

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