Silent night

#poem #lonely #emptiness #bored #poemsforlife

With an energy of your own,
You spin around, though alone,
You look for people all around you,
A friend, a stranger, any will do.

Then you turn back to have a look,
There is this guy standing there,
Up you stand, and take off the hood,
As he stabs you without a care.

In those last moments you look above,
The snow falls from the sky on the mud,
Tears roll out, you remember the past,
But there is no soul to hold you in the dark.

You smile at how things turned out,
Smiling at that ‘cursed’ life,
And you realize there were things to do,
But you had chosen the path of the knife.

Now that you are down, in this pool of blood,
You whisper ‘finally that life is done’,
Although the feeling still lingers,
Of wanting to hold on to someone.


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