Who do you value.

#afternoon #poem #poemsforlife #love #unrequited #life #siddarth

Hi, that is what you say,
To start a conversation;
But not with me, which is okay,
It’s always the other one.

I see you through the day,
Working hard with that smile;
But when I talk, you turn away,
Need to cover yet another mile.

In the evening, when you leave,
You look at everyone for a while;
I notice you, because I always believe,
You are the best downloadable file.

But who had known that while I saw,
It was me who someone else was seeing;
And alas this cycle continues,
As we never get tired of wishing.

Thus I ask you to choose and decide,
Is that the actual person you want;
Because there is someone else looking,
Who might just be the best in this pond.

So notice those people around you,
And see where you stand;
What is it that you really want,
Unrequited affection or someone’s hand.


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