The Circle of Life

#poem #circle #life #child #teenager #Siddarth

What is this life,
With ups and downs;
Head first you dive,
In problems without gowns.

When you were born, you cried,
And your voice filled the room;
A hand came, and the tears dried,
As several confetti went with a boom.

Then you went to a new school,
Everyone asked you to study;
But you wanted to act cool,
And often came home bruised and muddy.

It was time to go to college,
You were wished luck by many;
But rather than, on knowledge,
In drinks, you spent time and penny.

Finally, college was done,
It was time to get a job;
And say goodbye to the fun,
PS Real world had no ‘exit’ knob.

Your way of living saw a change,
And then you met your partner;
They cheated, and you felt strange,
Focusing more on the work at Gartner.

Then you met this angel with a smile,
And the feelings rose once again;
Still it seemed farther than a mile,
Afraid of going through all the pain.

But alas, the angel came,
And they held your hand;
After joining with your name,
They made the living, grand.

Then a new human was born,
And you saw your reflection;
Protecting it forever, you were sworn.
At every single life’s section.

The newborns became popular, you were glad,
Such satisfaction rarely comes;
To have become so grand, this lad,
Had focused on all the crumbs.

The time came for your to say,
To say those last wishes;
As you lay down in the month of may,
The heart waited for the one beat it misses.



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