Earthly Remains by Donna Leon

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Let me start by saying that the book was enjoyable. It started out slow but had a good pace towards the end. The vivid description of the scenes and surroundings was very helpful in letting the reader understand more about the story.

I would like to mention the background of the character was detailed thoroughly especially towards the end of the book when the protagonist learns more about Pozzi and Bianchi. I would have liked if there had been more description about all the characters that the protagonist met in the beginning as well, such as Federica, perhaps a little more about Casati, and the other officers of the Police.

The end was interesting as well when the protagonist had to chose what path to take for the case, and understanding human emotions, he chose the correct path.

Even then a question remains, are the emotions of a couple of people you know, more important than the lives of other humans, animals and even environment?

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