A letter to the mind

“I want to start something…”, this is the thought that lies in the mind of many, if not all.

Because we all seem to be too tired of our life, of our daily routine. We want something new to calm our fantasies, we want to be enthusiastic again… about something. And even more, we want to share this enthusiasm with others!

But we often wonder… What is it that we want to achieve? What is it that we are enthusiastic about? What is it that, if started, will attract people towards me? What will let me have more time for myself? For others?

Often, this lingers on in the mind. And this is the thought that lingers on in our grave because people don’t change. Yes, they want to, but they are hesitant. They don’t want to change their daily quiet lives, but at the same time want the excitement and enthusiasm of a ‘Hero’ in a movie.

Now. That is not possible, is it?

The more action you take, the less quiet life it is. You get what you were wishing for… “Changes”. But you are afraid, what if the changes are not favorable? What if I get too comfortable with the favorable changes?

Always. These thoughts are there … Residing in our empty mind and looking for a single second to attack that emptiness.

So, I ask you. Don’t drown yourself in these thoughts.


Just begin something!

Take an action. Act more. Change more. Do more. Love more.


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