Is it the fear or the passion,
That keeps us on our toes;
That keeps us wandering,
Through this maze with crores.

I want to ask this question,
To you, to him, to her;
To anyone, far or near,
What do you live for?

A student misses the deadline,
Does he fear the punishment;
Does he dislike the knowledge,
Or is it just to pass time.

A worker makes a mistake,
Does he fear losing the client;
Or is it the fear of losing the job,
No one can really tell.

A lover cheats on his girl,
He feels guilty only later;
When his girl finds out,
But there was none earlier?

A captain orders to loot and kill,
And destroy the enemy bunkers;
Is there no remorse in what he does,
Because only for the country he feels?

There are a lot many examples,
That can’t be written here;
Some don’t even see the light of day,
Or are heard in the whispers from the mouth.

So tell me, what is just,
And what is not;
Is it to adhere to the society,
Or be like a different fool?



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