Lost Hope

The last man stands,
At the foot of the hill;
He had lost all hope,
But a change is what he needs.


A change of heart,
A change of goals;
A change of strength,
And a barrage of hope.


Then he feels the hand,
Pushing from the back;
Asking to move on forward,
And not to lose that hope.


It felt familiar,
He turns around to see;
But their is no one,
And yet tears roll down his cheek.


Maybe it was a wish,
Was it his own or;
Like a torch in the relay,
Was it passed to him.


He stands at the foot of the hill,
Contemplating what to do;
As the sun rises,
And the cow shout “moo”.


The environment had changed,
So had the dew;
A refreshing wish stuck,
On his mind like a glue.


And so he began,
The tedious uphill journey;
Ready to face obstacles,
Never to lose that burning.


As he treads up slowly,
Thinking about the people;
Don’t they have similar choices,
But what do they make of that?


Do they give up midway,
Or courageously push forward;
As he keeps moving forward,
Thinking what you will do?


Who is this person?
Ever hiding inside us;
Asking us to move on,
Even when we give up.


Is it the soul or the mind,
That we don’t know;
But we can actually believe,
Something inside us doesn’t lose hope!

– Siddarth


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