Saved by rain?

The day had come when he had to lead,
His team, his friends on that ground;
“But what will the result be”, he thought,
As he walked through the crowd.

So much cheering and following,
How had this happened in a year;
Or was it because the previous captain,
Had led the team well everywhere.

Will i be up to the mark?
Since this is my first time leading;
Standing on the ground, he looked up,
From the sky, as a drop fell down.

No, no, he asked the sky,
Wishing that it will go away;
But only in the blink of an eye,
All was wet, that was once dry.

As the energetic team hurried in,
The crowd asked for what was billed;
But within ten minutes, every kin,
Knew that the game was cancelled.

He sat there on the bench,
Hands clasped and looking down;
The teammates formed a circle around,
And cried we believe within.

He stood up and joined the circle,
Looking at each he said;
All are my teammates,
And I support you whether heaven or hell.

This all happened on a single day,
When the clouds poured down the rain;
The crowd didn’t even have a say,
And the captain didn’t lead the play.

– Siddarth

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