The moment you were born,
You let out a shriek;
Wondering what kind of world,
Have you landed on your feet.

The moment you walked,
You fell down again;
And thought, “It’s all a trap”,
Letting out a shriek again.

The moment you said ‘mom’,
All eyes were filled with tears;
And here in your mind,
Was the question, “What have I done?”

The moment you went to school,
You were so puzzled;
As you hadn’t seen so many,
Of the kind just like yours.

The moment you hit puberty,
You imagined something and whispered, “ah”;
But you opened your eyes and found,
Your co-passenger saying “Naah”.

The moment you kissed a girl,
She asked you to brush your teeth;
And then you smelled your breath,
And realized it was the last night’s vodka reek.

The moment you went to college,
You found your roommate half naked;
Thinking it could have been worse,
You started collecting the napkins on your bed.

The moment you started your job,
You were astonished to find the world’s way;
Saying, “This is totally different from college”,
You started smoking cigarette in the day.

The moment you got married,
Your mind shouted, “What have you done?!”;
For there won’t be any late night parties,
And your heart will be caged within.

The moment you had a baby,
You thought if you were like that;
Ever stinking and smiling,
You didn’t know what emotion to feel within.

The moment you got retired,
You thought, “Finally I can travel”;
But looking at your bank account,
You decided to watch television.

The moments finally were over,
And there you lay peacefully;
Waiting to be taken to heaven or hell,
As after this life, I would choose any.


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