Still, Lets talk

It was in the evening,
When I saw you for the first time;
I looked outside the window,
There you were all cute and docile.

At the time you were his girl,
Of a friend and classmate of mine;
So I didn’t ask you anything,
Because it’s wrong to be in that line.

The next time I sent you a “Hi”,
Probably after two years or four;
Throughout we chatted just like that,
And you told me that relationship was no more.

So I did flirt with you,
And talked to you everyday;
Watching you sleep was the,
Best point of living that way.

Then I bluntly said, “I love you”,
And you told me the same;
Hence we formed a pact,
Never to let go of each other again.

But something happened then,
I don’t know what it was;
Maybe it was the distance or the career focus,
I didn’t wanted to be distracted or at loss.

So I asked you to stop messaging,
And you got annoyed with me;
I probably deserved that, I agree,
Neither of us could understand the lonely.

We talked again, after a year,
But it was just to wish each other;
It was sweet, yet brought lots of tear,
I asked you to stop this pain.

Surprisingly, we talked again,
And this was after another year;
It all started again with a “Hi”,
But this time you already had a guy.

It is for the best I believe,
As friends we should live;
Not hurting each other, keep
Talking about all the nonsense.


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