A Soldier’s battle

The soldier says, Now I am going,
From where a few return;
With a pistol and a rifle,
And above us the sun wildly burns.

As I pass through the towns,
The people’s faces are filled with doubts;
They smile and wave at each of us,
And yet those eyes cry as we head south.

Sitting at the back of the truck,

I wonder, what is yet to come;
Will it be good, will it be bad,
The hands shake while holding the gun.

As we reach, the heart stops still,

The breath is taken away by the wind;
What will happen if I die,
Let me just have a sip or a pint.

Now in the field it is rather quiet,

No guns, no bullets, just the howl;
Everyone is in position to attack,
Yet they all need strength in their bowl.

Suddenly there is a light, red in color,

It flies through the sky in inverted fashion;
We realize that the positions have been seen,
Now, do we back or start the action.

But we mount up and walk,

Firing all the bullets through those holes;
One shot here, one shot there,
Bodies fall apart, leaving just souls.

Something happened and it was black,

The sound of the battle suddenly disappeared;
I remembered the people I was with,
The team, the family with which I was paired.

Someone came to help me up,

I still couldn’t hear the noise;
It was a peaceful time for my ears,
While the scene was horror for my eyes.

Tears couldn’t be held back at such times,

Yet it’s a soldiers duty to not shed any;
Because this battle is just not for his team,
But it is for those soulless many.

Having been taking back to the camp,

I don’t know what is going out there;
But I could still say with all my heart,
I would lay down this life for the people here.

So respect a soldier when you see next,

Even though there is smile in the face;
Every heart beat they have,
They pray for the country from within.-Siddarth

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