Every single time, you are reading something,
Or watching something on the screen;
All the time you intake that information,
Building your knowledge, still being keen.

And yet their is something that you miss,
Something that you didn’t believe exists;
The library of knowledge in the world,
Lies everywhere, just like the mist.

Some grow up to become doctors,
And have the knowledge of the body;
Even then some treat mouth, some bones,
It is all divided so that healing isn’t shoddy.

The others become lawyers or engineers,
Or scientists, or athletes, or artists;
The categories that exists are numerous,
And so is the knowledge in every field.

Some are those that think about life,
They want to find the answer of the ‘question’;
“Why were we brought here” and “Who did that”,
Such a knowledge isn’t available, they learn.

So the best we can do is to entertain our mind,
Gather as much knowledge as is possible;
Learn new things, innovate new items,
Enough to have your efforts laudable.


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