Political voice

What is this politics,
Eating away this country;
The thing that should save us,
Is slowly turning us rusty.

Each day is a new incident
Or there is a new feed;
What is that actually goes on,
I doubt any person has a lead.

Hundreds of debates, and speeches,
And thousands of people listen;
Yet what is heard isn’t the truth,
It is just to lure the crowd within.

They play on religion or on budget,
But do they think of the country?;
Do they want to find the solution,
Or just entertain us with commentary.

The leaders threaten each other,
Making new commotion every week;
But do they not even realize,
They are making the country’s future bleak.

Even at the time of elections,
Each candidate spends on marketing;
But at least half of that money,
Could be used to fund a hospital wing.

People go with whoever is sweeter,
The words get their decision mould;
And they usually press the button,
Not considering what the future might hold.

Even after winning, they fear losing,
So they spend on the branding again;
Or keep that money in foreign banks,
So they are comfortable even after this reign.

Is it possible to correct this world,
Or is it better to create a new one;
With hard work and passion,
Where dishonesty doesn’t shadow the sun.

– Siddarth

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