There is a need that this has,
A need to attract more people;
Because thats the only way to get,
To the top, make the others feeble.

So what do they do to achieve this,
They just make it more interesting;
Or rather, more dramatic at that,
Thats how they improve their listing.

These journalist who would mend anything,
Be it truth, or false, be it day or night;
Not caring about how it will affect,
The people living and their minds.

Some do provide the correct information,
But the number who don’t;
Are much more than you can count,
Like a drop of water in a pond.

How can this be corrected,
How can this be regulated;
It shouldn’t be done by the law,
But rather the ethics of the posted.

Let this be and they will soon realize,
They have the power to save so many lives;
Not just increase the number of hits per article,
But spread the actual facts with those swipes.


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