When did it all start,
The life of a youth at ten;
While it was the 5th class,
It was just homework and Ben.

Skipping to fourteen, things had changed,
What was once an innocent;
This mind had become bold,
How did it get this dent?

We proceed to sixteen,
To high school we now come;
More parties and drinks,
The time youth, all of it, learns.

Now we remember that time,
When we were all young;
There were no worries,
Whether money or of lung.

We weren’t too small as,
We used to study and go out;
Nor were we too mature,
To think about the right or doubt.

Oh, what was that time,
With those late night drives;
Oh what was that time,
Everyday with friends, you did high fives.

So to the youth of today,
I ask you to study, but;
At the same time ‘enjoy’,
Because this time will be cut.

Make mistakes, do new things,
Roam the world and learn from it;
Make more friends, fight with them,
Impress some and hangout often.

– Siddarth

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